WordPress Security – The Basics

I help out on many sites, and it’s SCARY to see how many of those are being done by companies that don’t care about security, or making sure things are updated (and working) before the site is launched. Here are some BASIC tips on things you can do to help safeguard your website: Don’t use ‘Admin’ […]

The If Project

The If Project

It’s rare that I end up with extra time to help out non-profits. But once in a great while one will come along that seems worthy of the extra energy it will cost me. The If Project is a organization that works with current/former incarcerated adults, and helps them to better their lives. I had […]

Granville Park - Waterfront

Vancouver vacation

I can’t even remember the last time I took a REAL vacation (they are usually working vacations). Not only did I not have a laptop, but I also didn’t have a internet connection (shudder). It was a good break from the technology world. I thought I would share a few of the photos I took […]

Visually Speaking Home Page

Visually Speaking

Sometimes my work isn’t creating a new site, but rather, re-creating a old one. In this case, my client HATED the content management system used on her website. Not only was it difficult to edit, but it was limited in what it could do. My job was to take the design/content, and make a WordPress […]

The Girl Who Knew Too Much

Scott and Amy are recent clients that have been referred to me, and have been a JOY to work with. Some clients are EASY to work with… they know what they want, they already have a understanding of what’s technically doable, and  they are open to new ideas and suggestions on how to accomplish things. […]