Site redone with WordPress

September 9, 2010

Welcome everyone to my new, improved site.
What?  It doesn’t look any different??  Well, good!  It wasn’t suppose to!
No, all changes are under the hood…

I rebuilt the site into a WordPress theme and added a blog.  No more fiddling around with html pages and cropping photos in photoshop every time I want to add content.  Now I simply “add a post”, and the corresponding page is added.  Now when I upload photos here, and all the needed image sizes are automatically made for me. I may be a website designer, but anything I can do to make things easier on me…I’m all for it.

As for the blog, I’ve been thinking of that one for awhile now. It wasn’t until recently however that my work has adopted WordPress as their “main” CMS, and my need to get better with it escalated. I’m now officially part of the WordPress fan club, and just want to keep learning more and more. I’m not a programmer, I will not be making nifty plugins for anyone, but think I could share a few tips that made my life easier with it on my day job.  Like most of you, I’m still learning as well….  after 5 years of being a constant student, I think its time for me to give back a little.

I don’t plan to blog only about wordpress though (if I even do at all). I mainly wanted somewhere that I could show of some of the small projects I do on my day job that I don’t post in my portfolio. I work for a small web firm as their front-end coder… and lord knows that every day, there is something new challenge to overcome. It would be fun to share some of what I learned with you guys.

So here we go! Welcome to my revised website!

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