The Girl Who Knew Too Much

November 23, 2012

The Girl Who Knew Too Much - Home PageScott and Amy are recent clients that have been referred to me, and have been a JOY to work with.

Some clients are EASY to work with… they know what they want, they already have a understanding of what’s technically doable, and  they are open to new ideas and suggestions on how to accomplish things.

They are currently in the process of making a film about a girl in Nepal.
An Untouchable Nepali girl receives a “golden opportunity” to break her family’s cycle of poverty, but meets a tragic end. An idealistic American filmmaker investigates. 
The project has just launched on Kickstarter, in hopes of reaching the funding to finish it.

They came to me with a bought WordPress theme, and a example of a site that they wanted to model after. Rather than copying the site exactly (they were using the same theme), I suggested that we at least change up the site colors. Luckily their theme came with the original design files, so I was easily able to accomplish this and stay within the budget.

View “The Girl Who Knew Too Much” website here.

Help them out on Kickstarter!


**Update:15 days into the campaign, and they achieved their original goal!

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