The If Project

September 29, 2013

The If ProjectIt’s rare that I end up with extra time to help out non-profits. But once in a great while one will come along that seems worthy of the extra energy it will cost me. The If Project is a organization that works with current/former incarcerated adults, and helps them to better their lives. I had actually heard about them years ago (through mutual friends), and when they recently needed a wordpress person to help fix their broken site, I jumped on it.

Once I went to meet them, and saw how enthusiastic they were and how much they truly believed in what they were doing, the more I wanted to help. Their website hadn’t been touched since 2008…..  forget just fixing it, let’s make it better!

And that’s what we did. Sticking with the same look of their old theme (they liked the banner), I decided to modernize it. I widened it, enlarged the fonts a bit, added more white space, made it mobile friendly, helped them reorganize the content, cleaned up the backend so it’s easier to update… it almost feels like a whole new site. I’m in this for the long haul, it will just get better from here.

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(The pictures don’t really show the differences too well…)

The If Project - old home page

Old Home Page

The If Project - new home page

New Home Page

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