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March 6, 2013

Visually Speaking Home PageSometimes my work isn’t creating a new site, but rather, re-creating a old one.

In this case, my client HATED the content management system used on her website. Not only was it difficult to edit, but it was limited in what it could do. My job was to take the design/content, and make a WordPress theme out of it. Unfortunately her old CMS (Concrete) doesn’t have a way to export blog posts into a format that WordPress recognized…. so we lost a lot of blog posts….   but what we gained made the loss worth it. (At least most of the posts were old and outdated.)

Improvements that I made:

This company teaches baby sign classes around Seattle. One of the problems with the old CMS, was that it was difficult to add new classes to the various places around the site. And once you did get them in, then it was difficult to update them later if you needed to.

I made it so:

Visually Speaking - Class Form

Adding a New Class

  • All classes are in a easy to find list in WP’s backend.
  • When adding a new class, all she had to do was fill out a form. The class would then populate automatically in the sidebar and on a “classes” page.
  • She could “archive” a class when it was no longer running. That way when it is ready to run again, she already has all the info created and in place for her to make live.
  • Incorporated business logos into the listing. The old site attempted to do this, but didn’t get it working.
  • Can easily add new testimonies to the home page (the old cms wasn’t set up to do so).


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