Anastasia Zielinski

Responsibilities: Wordpress Blog/CMS, Customizing a WP theme

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Anastasia Zielinski

Responsibilities: Wordpress Blog/CMS, Customizing a WP theme

An artist came to me and wanted a site that better showcased her artwork than her current site did. Being mobile-friendly was important. So was adding a video intro, being able to easily add new projects, and being able to sell her paintings on paypal.

I used a bought theme, and then customized the home page so that there was a sidebar (where events/text could be added), and categories are featured (instead of single projects). The most recent project in each category is the thumbnail that is used on the home page. If a new category is created, it will be automatically added alphabetically.


I wanted to not only help protect her images from people stealing them, but make it easier for her to protect them in the future as well. Using her signature, I made her a watermark. Then I used this plugin (Easy Watermark) to automatically add the watermark to the original full size of the photo (it’s not on smaller versions of the image). The cool thing about this plugin, is that it saves a copy of the original….. so I can revert the change if I should ever need to.

I’m using foobox for the lightbox effect. It allows you to disable people from “right-clicking and saving an image”, so that’s handy as well. (ps… foobox is one of my favorite plugins EVER).

Paypal Form

Paypal Form


Being able to edit the paypal code for her artwork was important. She seemed comfortable enough with computers, that I found her a plugin that will add paypal code as a “shortcode”. You can then edit the generated code if needed (I provided her with directions on how to do so). Pretty nifty plugin.



Videos don’t (yet?) appear in the built-in wordpress gallery. So I added an option for the client to include a youtube video onto her projects. The arrow is inserted automatically, and the video displays in the same popup as the photos do (with social sharing capabilities).

Popup controls on the backend.

Popup controls on the backend

There is also an intro video that I gave her the ability to disable or change at anytime.

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