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Responsibilities: Some Design, Wordpress Blog/CMS

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Scooter the Shooter

Responsibilities: Some Design, Wordpress Blog/CMS

My client is a photographer and wanted a site that would showcase his vibrant personality (he’s a very fun, colorful guy). He found a non-wordpress PSD of a homepage and asked if I could simplify it and create a site from it. So that’s what we did!

Scooter - Original Template

Original Template

I cleaned up and changed a bunch of things on the original template. Things like wording (had to find a matching font), changing the icons, moving elements (like the member login), and removing elements (like that “best in the web” section). I also added editable text regions and then designed the interior pages to match the design (and to make them scale lengthwise as the content gets longer).

Scooter - Home Page Slideshow

Unique slideshow on the home page.

The slideshow on the home page was a interesting challenge, since the original design has a shadow and the “pokey arrows” around the middle. It looked weird just laying the image over the background and have it NOT have the shadow or arrows. So I made a transparent png consisting of only the shadow and arrows, and overlaid that over the top of the slideshow. The “image loading icon” didn’t come with the gallery, so I added the gif as the background image of the gallery. When a picture is showing, it covers the icon up.

Scooter - Thumbnail Gallery

The admin interface of the galleries.

The photo gallery is a plugin I bought off Codecanyon. I’ve used a few galleries from this maker now, and for the most part I’m pretty happy with them (this particular one could would better on phones though). Whenever I have found a bug with one of the galleries, their tech support fixed it promptly. Good support is important! Nothing is bug-free these days.

The main reason that I like this plugin maker, is that they make the backend is so EASY for clients to work with.

P.S… that camera that you see hanging in the corner on some of the pictures didn’t make the final version of the website. I really liked it 🙁 At least it gets to live here and the time I spent on it wasn’t totally wasted.

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